Callie Kelley of Bruceton CELEBRATES 90th

CELEBRATES 90th - Callie Kelley of Bruceton was treated to a drive through celebration on her 90th birthday at the First Baptist Church in Bruceton. Many friends drove by between 2 and...

Bruceton Mayor stirs up controversy for flying flag at half-mast, Facebook post

Bruceton Mayor Bob Keeton has stirred up some controversy with the flying of the American flag at half-mast at city hall on Wednesday.
Winter Activities To Do With Your Dog

Winter Activities To Do With Your Dog

While winter is not the most ideal season to spend outdoors for most people, it does offer its own unique landscape for you and your dog to enjoy. Whether it’s going out...

Taco Bell is coming to Huntingdon

Although a site plan has been approved for the construction of Taco Bell in Huntingdon, no date has been given for when the moving of dirt will begin or when it might...
How Your Emergency Brake Works

How Your Emergency Brake Works

For vehicles to operate safely on the road, it isn’t enough to just have a primary braking system. In fact, due to the abuse these components experience each day, it isn’t uncommon...

Tennessee National Guard aircrew rescues injured hiker

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – A Tennessee Army National Guard flight crew responded to an emergency air evacuation mission after a hiker suffered injuries in the Pisgah National Forest area, North Carolina, Oct. 28. 

County COVID cases top 1,100

As the COVID-19 pandemic persists in its grip on the U.S. and the world, cases continue to rise here in Carroll County. As of 2 p.m. Monday afternoon, confirmed...

Bassmaster Junior Championship

If you were out at the Carroll County 1,000-Acre Recreational Lake early last week, you might have noticed that things were a little busier than usual. That’s because the...
How To Prepare Your Yard for Winter

How To Prepare Your Yard for Winter

With the cold creeping in and winter on its way, it can be tempting to just forget about taking care of your yard since snow is going to cover it soon anyway....

Trezevant cancels Halloween, Christmas events

The Town of Trezevant will not be hosting a couple of its usual holiday events this year due to concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic. During the Oct. 13...
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