Budget items highlight Legislative Body meeting


Carroll County Commissioners will meet Monday night at 7 p.m. at the Carroll County Civic Center for the Carroll County Legislative Body meeting to consider 11 resolutions in addition to elect notaries, approve county monthly reports and hear the audit committee report.

Since the fiscal year will be ending June 30, the majority of the resolutions deal with amending the budget for various money matters.

• Resolution 5-1-2021 – A resolution to amend the General Purpose School Fund Budget by $3,000 for maintenance personnel and repair of equipment.


• Resolution 5-2-2021 – A resolution to transfer $3,592 from Insurance Recovery Account to Liability Claims Account for the 2020-21 budget. This amount was received for reimbursement to the County Mayor’s Office for vehicle damage to a Sheriff’s Office 2016 Ford Explorer for hitting a deer.

• Resolution 5-3-2021 – A resolution to accept Cares Act award of $1,299 that was used to pay for a safety glass shield in the Carroll County Library.

• Resolution 5-4-2021 – A resolution to accept a $2,600 donation for the Carroll County Library to be used to cover the expense of office equipment, Hot Sport services and technology and technology classes.

• Resolution 5-5-2021 – A resolution to accept $3,000 in grant funds for Carroll County Library office equipment.

• Resolution 5-6-2021 – A resolution to accept payment for Cares Act funding for Office on Aging food panty for $5,000.

• Resolution 5-7-2021 – A resolution to accept a donation from Amerigroup for $849 that was used to purchase a new freezer for the Office on Aging.

• Resolution 5-8-2021 – A resolution to amend the Highway Dept. budget for the 2020-2021 by $2,000 to cover overtime costs for mechanics and foreman.

• Resolution 5-9-2021 – A resolution to amend salary line items in the amount of $29,000 for part-time for dispatcher/radio operator personnel.

• Resolution 5-10-2021 – A resolution to amend salary line items for the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department’s budget for 2020-21 for $5,000 for a detective and $6,000 for overtime for part-time employees.

• Resolution 5-11-2021 – A resolution to amend salary line item for the Carroll County Sheriff’s Dept. for $12,143 for overtime.


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