Hollow Rock awards bid for street paving

SPEAKING - Hollow Rock part-time police officer Shelton Moon asks Hollow Rock Mayor and Board of Aldermen to hire one or two full-time police officers. Currently, the town has one full-time, police chief Danny Emerson, and two part-time officers, Moon and Tony King.

Hollow Rock residents will soon be riding on smoother streets. In the Hollow Rock Mayor and Board of Aldermen meeting April 20, a paving bid was awarded to Martin Paving Co. of Medina for a bid of $97,880. Also submitting a bid was TRW of Paris with a figure of $97780.

“We have worked with Martin Paving Co. previously and their work comes with a one year warranty,” said Mayor Rob Woods. “They are to start work by the first of June.”

Streets scheduled to be paved are 45 Kee St., 300 Kee St., 445 Kee St., 550 Kee St., 700 High St., 215 Holcomb St., 3687 North St., North St. from Mill St. to city limits, 606 Mill St., 504 Mill St., 420 Mill St., 150 Duncan (French’s), 275 Dodd St., 325 Through 480 Didd St., 205 Park Lane, 120 Marie St., 260 Wall Stl, Oak St. Patch – Dobson, Cole Circle, Marie St, Marie St. – Brooks, 1195 High St., 520 Kee St. and T Richard property on Kee St.


Parti-time police officer Shelton Moon addressed the mayor and alderman after the rules were suspended about the need to hire one or two full-time police officers.

Presently, the town has one full-time officer, police chief Danny Emerson and part-time officer Tony King, besides Moon.

“There are a lot of drugs out there and I’d like to change that if I could,” said Moon. “It’s hard to get officers at $10 or $11 an hour.”

Mayor Rob Woods pointed out that the town pays part-time officers $14 an hour and full time officers $13 an hour.

Moon said that citizens appreciate the officers and he often hears compliments about them.

“We are in the process of working on reports and the budget and are looking to see what we can do” said Woods.

Two part-ttme employees have been hired, one to assist the town recorder one for the Water Department.

Abbie Osbourn will be assisting town recorder Sharon Mann and Trey Montgomery will be working with Water Department supervisor Kenny Chandler. The town recorder is currently taking classes to become a certified municipal finance officer.

Alderman and fire chief Bobby Brotherton said he is waiting on a grant packet to see what kind of fire department equipment he can acquire. Alderman Morris Rogers said he had checked on removing some of the large pine trees from the park behind the city hall, but as of right now nothing can be done due to the wet weather.

Alderman Susan Moon brought up the matter of the train situation on Seminary Street. Moon, who is a school bus driver, said there is a  problem of getting students to school due to trains blocking the tracks for long periods of time. Emergency vehicles could have a problem as well.


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