Ainsley Worrell crowned homecoming queen at WC Junior High

WEST CARROLL JR. HIGH HOMECOMING COURT – This year’s West Carroll Junior High Basketball Homecoming Court includes (from left) Makayla Polinski, 7th grade rep.; Kayleigh Reasons, 8th grade rep.; Ainsley Worrell, homecoming queen; Nevaeh Gaskin, 8th grade rep.; and Taylor Robinson, 6th grade rep.

This year’s basketball homecoming court at West Carroll Junior High School was named during pregame ceremonies on Nov. 9

Eighth grade basketball player Ainsley Worrell was crowned as homecoming queen.

The daughter of Nathan and Shelby Worrell, Ainsley was escorted by Dawson White.


Other members of the homecoming court included:

•6th Grade Rep..: Taylor Robinson, daughter of Tim Robinson and Kristi Wortham. Taylor was escorted by Kaden Barber.

•7th Grade Rep.: Makayla Polinski, daughter of Stephanie and Tommy Polinski. Makayla was escorted by Tyce Reed.

•8th Grade Rep.: Nevaeh Gaskin, daughter of Trish Byrum and Peter Gaskin. She was escorted by Jaden Milton.

•8th Grade Rep.: Kayleigh Reasons, daughter of Sherry and the late Clay Hall. She was escorted by Preston Bosley.

• • •

Eighth grade players, managers, and cheerleaders were also honored on Nov. 9. These included:

•Lady War Eagles: players Hannah Fowler, daughter of Jeremy and Brittany Fowler; Dakota Thomas, daughter of Tara Payne, and Ainsley Worrell, daughter of Nathan and Shelby Worrell; and manager Briley Sutton, daughter of Brittany Sutton.

•War Eagles: players Kaden Barber, son of Mary Damien; Preston Bosley, son of Michelle and Rodney Bosley; Tyce Reed, son of Shelby Reed and T’Darius Carter; Dawson White, son of Wanda White and Amanda White and Tommy Drasal; and Jaden Milton, son of John and Jennifer Williams; and manager Ethan Thompson, son of Jeremy Thompson and Jenine Keil.

•Cheerleaders: Nevaeh Gaskin, daughter of Trish Byrum and Peter Gaskin and step-daughter of Levi Snyder; Jamiayah Estes, daughter of Tyeisha Ross and sister to Chasity Ross and Keionna Dickerson.


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