McKenzie Police Reports


Burglary, Drugs, Weapons

•Three men were charged with various offenses after a burglary on October 10 at 99 Linden Street.

Officer Dalton Raspberry was responding to the residence after a call about a vehicle at the residence and persons taking items. As Raspberry was driving toward the residence, he met a Nissan Altima on Linden. He was alerted that the suspect vehicle was the one he just met with three males in it. Officer Raspberry was able to locate the vehicle. All three subjects exited the vehicle, and Raspberry ordered them to return to the vehicle. Aaron Luter, 40, of Clay Farm Road, Atwood, said he had permission to grab a car jack. After contacting the owner, it was determined no one had permission to remove anything. A search of the vehicle was conducted, and the suspects netted charges. Luter’s left pants’ pocket had a baggie of crystal-like substance which field-tested as methamphetamine. Clayton Milton, 36, of Booker Street, McKenzie, was searched and a glass pipe with residue was found. In the vehicle officers found an InterArms .38 special revolver that was stolen from the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina. A third passenger, Joseph Calvo, 36, from Charleston, South Carolina, had digital scales and a glass pipe with residue in his possession.


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Assault, Escape

•Dion Antrell Teague, 37, of Elm Street, McKenzie, was charged with domestic assault, assault, and escape after he reportedly punched a female and threatened a male, both visiting in his home.

Officer Kyle Beauchamp witnessed Teague following the male victim on West End. Teague had nunchucks in the ready position. Officer Beauchamp stopped and questioned the men and took possession of the nunchucks. The female victim, Gina L. Alas, of Elm Street, arrived at the scene and said she was assaulted by Teague. Teague began vomiting and stated he had a high fever. Patrolman Boaz retrieved his mask and gloves from his patrol vehicle. Teaque then ran from the scene, but Boaz caught him. Teaque was charged with domestic assault, simple assault and escape.

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Criminal Trespassing

•Two suspects were charged with criminal trespassing when they were found on property on Park Circle belonging to the McKenzie Housing Authority.

Dion Teague, 37, and Gina Alas, 37, both of 191 Elm Street, were charged with trespassing because each had been served with ban notices from the federally-owned housing development.

• • •

Outstanding Warrants

•Christopher Dakota Terry, 22, of Gleason-Como Road, Gleason, was arrested on outstanding warrants of criminal trespassing, violation of probation, and failure to appear after a traffic stop on October 6.

Officer Dalton Raspberry charged Terry after the car in which he was a passenger was pulled over for speeding. The female driver was given a warning for speeding.

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Criminal Simulation

•Officer Chance Townes took a report of two counterfeit $10 bills being passed at Pocket’s Convenience Store.

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•Thomas Harris of Winchester Street reported the burglary of a building and the theft of shotguns. Officer Justin Brister took the report on October 8.

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Dogs at Large

•No charges were listed on a report of a dog running at large on Oaklawn Drive.

On October 6, a resident of Oaklawn said a dog entered her chicken pen and killed a pet chicken. Another person provided police with a video showing the chicken in the dog’s mouth. The owner of the dog was not home, however, feathers and the chicken were found in the yard of the dog’s owner.

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License Violation

•Andrew Edgar Arnold, 38, of Sharon was charged with driving on a suspended license after a traffic stop on October 5.

He was additionally charged with drug paraphernalia and violation of financial responsibility. A check of his vehicle revealed three blank checks from a McKenzie business and a glass smoking pipe with residue that field-tested for meth. He was given 10 days to report to Carroll County Jail. The vehicle was impounded.

• • •


•Little General Convenience Store reported theft of fuel after the driver drove away without paying $4.78 for the gasoline.

Violation of Probation

•Dillon Edward Ray Gregory, 26, of Walnut Circle, McKenzie, was charged with violation of probation and driving on a suspended license after a traffic stop on September 27.

Officer Dalton Raspberry stopped the vehicle driven by Gregory because he knew the status of his license. A computer check revealed two active warrants in Carroll County for Violation of Probation and one in Weakley County for failure to appear. Gregory presented paperwork to indicate the suspended status was upgraded to restricted, however, the computer did not indicate the upgraded status.

• • •

Failure to Appear

•Howard G. Sanford, 33, of Clarksburg was charged with failure to appear after a traffic stop on September 27.

Officer Dalton Raspberry saw that the 1997 Geo Tracker driven by Sanford did not have a license plate. A check of Sanford’s license revealed an active warrant for failure to appear. It also revealed his license was suspended, for which he received a warning. Sanford was arrested on the failure to appear warrant. The car was towed from the scene.

• • •


A resident of West End Avenue reported the theft of her son’s bicycle on October 4. It was a 24-inch Roadmaster.


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