By: Paul G Summers


We are the silenced.

There is little dialectical thinking, or the ability to view and consider problems from multiple perspectives. But when we engage people with opposing views these days, we are rebuffed and often not just repudiated, but demonized.

So, we have decided that arguing with fools is a waste of time. The philosopher Mark Twain opined: “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.” Our silence is voluntary and not from fear, but just common sense.


Because we believe in jobs, not mobs, our voices have been cancelled.

We want to learn and earn.

We strive to peaceably assemble in our places of worship – to pray, worship and kneel before our Almighty God. We want the opportunity to peacefully complain to our officials when we think our taxes are too high.               

We try to obey the rules – wash our hands, wear masks, and socially distance. But we feel betrayed when regulators threaten us with sanctions while allowing mobs to roam, steal, assault and destroy lives.         

We support law enforcement and are sick and tired of criminals.

The bottom line is that we’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. And we can’t wait to change all that.   

We want our voices to be heard.

Yes, we are the silenced.
We don’t poll well, but are seldom polled. But we do vote, and that is our voice. And come this November, our message will be deafening.

Paul G. Summers Tennessee (2020)


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