The 4 Pawfect Dog Movies To Watch

The 4 Pawfect Dog Movies To Watch

You curl up on the couch ready to watch something heartwarming. Though this isn’t a guarantee, watching a dog-centered film means a high chance of happy or sentimental ugly crying. Watching it with your own dog only raises those chances.

Whether you’re perusing for yourself or hunting for the ultimate dog mom gift for someone else, this list will bring you closer to a premium dog flick. Without further ado, here are the four pawfect dog movies to watch

The Secret Life of Pets

We’ll start with a modern one—The Secret Life of Pets. Toy Story sought to answer the imaginative question: What if my toys had their own life when I wasn’t around? Now, The Secret Life of Pets explores a similar premise with our furry friends. Weaving a complicated tale focused on animal relationships, this film makes speechless dogs, cats, and bunnies into everything we’d hope our pets to be.


While tailored toward kids, it has a Zootopia-esque intrigue for adults who invest in the picture. The topic of animal rejection, coming into frame with the evil Snowball and his gang, “The Flushed Pets,” is an important one to consider.

Homeward Bound

Next up is the American classic Homeward Bound. This 90s film sticks in the consciousness of those who watched it then and continues to hold up well, mostly due to the voiceover work for the three main characters. Chance (Michael J. Fox), a rowdy American Bulldog, joins the wise old Retriever Shadow (Don Ameche) and Himalayan cat Sassy (Sally Field) in this harrowing adventure to locate their owners. Porcupines, fast-flowing rivers, and a certain whiskered predator all make appearances, and the ending is well worth the wait.

101 Dalmatians

While Homeward Bound focuses you in on three pets, 101 Dalmatians, understandably, has a larger scale. Those who adore dogs will get puppy overload throughout this 1996 gem. While the 101 puppies are the draw, it’s the nefarious woman who wants to make rugs out of their fur, Cruella de Vil, who sticks in the mind. Played masterfully by Glenn Close, her daring style, stark black-and-white hair, and haunting laugh make for the ideal movie villain.

Isle of Dogs

The last in our list of pawfect dog movies to watch, Isle of Dogs, isn’t quite the kid-centered fare you’d expect. Directed by Wes Anderson and replete with his quirky, offbeat tone and stop-motion stylings, Isle of Dogs is distinct from most other dog-based films you could pick from. Ideal for teenagers and adults, this one takes place in a dystopian futuristic Japan, following a boy as he searches high and low for his lost dog. Commit to getting comfortable with its idiosyncrasies and Isle of Dogs will certainly pay off.


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