Ways To Reduce Your Electricity Bill at Home

Ways To Reduce Your Electricity Bill at Home

Nobody tells you how expensive it is to own a home. Well, maybe they do, but most of us don’t realize exactly how expensive. Some expenses are controllable and others aren’t. For instance, you don’t have much (if any) control over your mortgage or rent, but you can control your electric bill. We compiled a list of ways to reduce your electricity bill at home; read on to learn more.

Start Using a Programmable Thermostat

It should be no surprise that the first three suggestions on this list relate to heating and cooling. Why do you ask? Because the majority of your electric bill comes from the heater and air conditioner. First and foremost, start using a thermostat that works for you––that is, one that is programmable. A programmable thermostat allows you to schedule temperature adjustments when you’re not home or asleep. Adjusting the temperatures accordingly can significantly lower your energy use and thus, your bill.

Seal Any Cracks and Gaps Around Windows and Doors

Because your HVAC system costs you the most, you want to do whatever you can to prevent that system from working any harder than it needs to. If you have a door or window that’s drafty, this allows your home’s warm or cool air to escape and forces the HVAC system to kick in prematurely. As such, you should seal any gaps or cracks around doors and windows to save money.

Add More Insulation


People often underestimate the power of insulation when it comes to their home’s comfort and electric bill. Insulation essentially acts as a barrier between your walls and the outside. That said, insulation supports your home by keeping the newly warm or cool air inside. Additionally, insulation also helps your home keep the outside air outside which benefits you in two ways. First, the temperature in your home will stay comfortable longer. Finally, your heater or air conditioner won’t have to turn on sooner than it needs which (you guessed it) decreases your electricity bill.

Change Light Bulbs and Shut Them Off When You Can

At this point, everybody knows that LEDs use energy more efficiently than any other light bulb option, so don’t wait any longer and make the change. In addition to installing LEDs, there’s an even easier way to decrease your electric bill––use less electricity. Develop the habit of turning off lights anytime you don’t actually need them, and especially when you’re not in the room.

zA lot of people make saving on the electric bill more difficult than it needs to be. As you’ve seen, there are some rather simple ways to reduce your electricity bill at home and most of which start with basic repairs or changes. Try our suggestions out for a month or two, and watch your bill start going down.


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