Mask mandate set for students

South Carroll Special School District


The South Carroll Board of Education passed a student mask mandate during the Aug. 13 meeting to help slow the spread of COVID-19 among students and staff at Clarksburg School.

The mandate requires that students in grades 6-12 wear a mask or face covering while on the school premises, though with exceptions for students with certain health conditions.

Students can also uncover their faces while eating during meal breaks.


There is not a mask mandate for teachers and other staff members, though Director of Schools Lex Suite pointed out that they are strongly encouraged to do so and that, as far as he knows, they are all wearing either masks or face shields while at school.

In a telephone interview Monday, Suite said they haven’t had a new confirmed case of COVID-19 among the student population over the past week, though they do have a few students that are still in quarantine.