The Dirtiest Places You Encounter on a Daily Basis

The Dirtiest Places You Encounter on a Daily Basis

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced people to practice good hygiene and keep things as clean as possible. This article will overview the dirtiest places you encounter on a daily basis. Be sure to give these areas an extra scrubbing this summer.

Your Steering Wheel

Steering wheels are a breeding ground for germs. You touch the wheel every time you drive, and any bacteria that are on your hands then transfer to this surface. Drivers should disinfect the wheel before they drive, every time. You should show other spots in your automobile some love, too. Clean your car’s interior like a pro. Vacuum all the floormats to remove any dust or particles that cause your allergies to act up. You should also wash your windows and mirrors to remove any germs. Not only will you have better peace of mind while driving, but your ride will look like you just drove it off the lot.

Kitchen Counter

Everyone is cooking more than they used to. Since kitchens are seeing tons of action, it’s vital to keep your kitchen counters clean. Wipe down your counters before and after you prepare a meal. Harmful bacteria can live on these surfaces without you even knowing. These germs are incredibly dangerous if they make their way onto your food. The last thing anyone wants to deal with right now is a bacteria-related illness. So please, keep your house clean and yourself safe by washing your kitchen counters.



There’s nothing more relaxing than a hot shower at the end of the day. Yet, you’d have a hard time remaining calm if you knew how dirty your shower could get. The bacteria and germs that are on our bodies travel down the shower drain. However, not all the bacteria wash away. Some germs stay stuck on the shower floor. Wash your shower frequently to prevent the situation from getting any worse. Showers are incredibly moist spots, as well, which means that mold can grow in the absence of regular maintenance. Disinfect the space so you can actually enjoy your end-of-the-day shower.

Home Gym

A home gym is, without a doubt, one of the dirtiest places you encounter on a daily basis. Everyone sweats while they work out. It’s vital that you clean this space after every session. Wipe off the sweat on your dumbbells and treadmill. If you don’t, you could carry around germs that will cause a host of issues for you later on. Even though most fitness centers are closed at the moment, you should treat your home gym as if it were a public place and clean off the equipment when you’re finished.

Everyone should focus on cleanliness right now. Carry around a bottle of hand sanitizer with you, so you can easily get rid of germs. The CDC also recommends washing your hands frequently and for twenty seconds at a time. We all must commit to keeping things clean to slow the spread of COVID-19.


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