Vietnam veterans lead program at West Carroll


Members of the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 9955 Honor Guard of Jackson headed up a November 7 Veterans Day program at West Carroll Junior-Senior High School.

A Soldiers’ Table was set up on the gym floor, and WCHS student Taylor Freeman explained what each element of the table signifies.

Honor Guard members demonstrated the proper folding of an American flag and informed students about the meaning of each of the 13 traditional folds.


They also enacted the Soldiers’ Cross ceremony, telling how a rifle with fixed bayonet, boots, dog tags, and helmet represent the final sacrifice and mark the graves of soldiers who fall in battle.

Participating Honor Guard members included Captain Tom Turner, Bennie Denton, Carl Johnston, Gary Buck, Richard Doyle, Glen Ford, Danny Jackson, and Woody Woodard.

Around 30 local veterans attended the event, and veterans from each branch of service stood as their branch’s song was played by the WCHS Band.

The band also performed the national anthem at the opening of the program and gave a moving performance of “Lincoln at Gettysburg” as student Edward Humphries recited Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address.

Others taking part in the program were Hailey Stout, who welcomed the attending veterans; Abby Sacks, who led the Pledge of Allegiance; and Hope Coleman and Abby Sacks, who led a question and answer session.

WCHS Principal Kelley Todd invited all the veterans to enjoy a brunch in the school library after the program.


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