How to Prepare Your High School Senior for College

How to Prepare Your High School Senior for College

It’s almost time for students to head back to school—and with a new year comes a fresh class of soon-to-be high school graduates. Parents, if you have a rising senior in your household, keep reading. We succinctly summarize three ways in which you can prepare your high school senior for college.

Create a Calendar with Them

For some high school seniors, the entire college planning process can feel overwhelming. You were their age once, so you probably remember the stress that came with meeting application deadlines while staying on top of schoolwork. As such, you’ll want to help them keep everything organized. Together, map out the tasks they need to complete before they graduate. The calendar can include everything from application forms and letters of recommendation to career counselor meetings and financial aid presentations.

Motivate Them to Get Involved in After-School Programs

High schools offer a wide range of activities for their students, from chess club and the school newspaper to musical theatre and the yearbook committee. Extracurriculars look desirable to colleges—especially the more selective ones.

Encourage Them to Participate in Sports


Why not suggest that your teen participate in a sport they enjoy? It’s evident that high schools want students to join their sports teams. In fact, participation in sports programs continually increases year after year because it improves students’ social life, physical health, and teamwork skills—not to mention, involvement in organized sports looks good on college applications.

Visit Colleges Together

If you can, take the time to check out a variety of campuses with your teen. These visits are beneficial to rising seniors who want to familiarize themselves with the schools. In fact, many colleges allow families to sit in on classes or meet with specific faculty members. Plus, your kid may even find new friends through these experiences.

We hope our advice helped you learn more about how to prepare your high school senior for college. Your kid will never forget the moment they find an acceptance letter in the mail!