Local man pursuing TV career

Timothy Kee

He’s not ready to quit his regular job just quite yet, but Timothy Kee, 42, of Leach is working toward establishing himself as a professional TV actor.

During the last year and a half or so, Kee has appeared in four syndicated cable network shows and several TV commercials.

“I’ve also done some industrial acting – mostly educational films,” said Kee.


In one series called “Snapped” – which runs on both the Investigation Discovery Channel and the Oxygen Network – Kee played a hard-nosed detective in one episode and a hostile witness in another.

Most recently, he landed a co-starring role in a pilot for a potential series called “The Calling of Lizzy McBride.”

As Kee explained, this show is set in the 1930s and centers around a young girl and her various adventures.

Kee said he is hopeful this show will get picked up by a network, though he added that nothing is ever certain in the TV business.

A 1995 graduate from Huntingdon High School, Kee admitted that being a TV actor was not something he thought about or even wanted back in his school days.

“I never did any acting, drama or theater in school,” said Kee. “I was shy back then, and I never thought I’d do anything in front of camera.”

Eventually, he did get over his shyness enough to take the stage as a singer, and he has been a part of several local bands and solo musical projects over the years.

Kee got his first taste of being in front of a camera when he auditioned for a spot in an insurance commercial while staying in Miami, Florida.

“After that, I thought I would try it again,” he said.

As far as his future in TV is concerned, Kee said he is hoping for bigger and better roles, though he is trying to stay realistic.

“Right now, I look at it as a hobby – a hobby that makes me some extra money instead of just costing me,” said Kee, who works in sales (mostly insurance) to keep the bills paid. “But I am hoping to get more roles and better roles with steady paychecks.”

With very little television production going on in West Tennessee, Kee has had to do quite a bit of traveling, mostly to East Tennessee, North Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia.

Kee and his wife, Christen, have four children, ages eight to 16.


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